What does Medical Tourism mean

Medical tourism is a billion dollar industry all around the world. What do you mean by medical tourism, in simple terms? A lot of countries around the world provide high quality medical services. Due to the difference in the economic conditions and the cost of the currency, most of the countries have the same procedures.

Countries like USA, UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and many others do not have affordable medical care clinics for the people with low income. Though the medical insurance is supposed to cover the costs of medical care, the cover would be very less for the basic policies, which means that the people have to pay a significant amount from their pockets.

To avoid this, they get in touch with medical travel agencies, which help them to know the list of countries, which provide the same procedure for a very less amount of money, when compared to the home county. The cost of medical travel, accommodation and sightseeing along with the procedure would cost only a part of what it would have cost in the above stated countries.

Most of the Central and Eastern European countries and Asian countries provide these services. How can the people be sure about the quality of medical services available in small European countries like Moldova? Moldova and other countries that fall under the medical tourism are regulated and approved by an organization called JCI. It is important to choose the JCI accredited medical tourism facility destination alone.

So, people from USA, UK and other major countries fly to the medical tourism destinations to get the procedure done, at a very low cost. When it comes to low cost, what exactly are we talking about? According to the medical care cost estimators, most of the complex procedures would save you around 60 to 85% money.

There are a lot of medical tourism agencies which you can read to learn about the destinations and the medical services provided by them. There are a lot of advantages other than the cost, like high quality services, no waiting line, enjoyable vacation and most importantly, the medical services in such countries are considered to be effective and efficient than US, UK and other countries.

What about the cost of travel, accommodation and site-seeing? There are a lot of medical tourism friendly hotels and many airlines which provide low fare services. A medical tourism agency would help you to save a lot of money by providing more deals to choose.

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