The best medical tourism destinations

The best medical tourism destinations

Medical tourism is a blessing for those who cannot afford treatment in their own state or country. Thus, they can go to other countries for a good quality care facilities at a very competitive and affordable price. In fact, the total cost including flight and accommodation charges also costs lesser than the cost in developed countries.  According to a study, total world population of approximately 8 to 9 million people travel to other countries to seek medical help. Taking medical help overseas does not only allow people to get better health care facilities, but also allows them to get past the frustrating part of waiting for appointments, which can be for hours, days or even for months, at times.

The most common attractions for medical care centers abroad are cosmetic treatments and dentistry, and the most popular destinations include Brazil, Mexico, India, Republic of Moldova and Thailand.


Brazil is mainly popular for its successful and satisfactory cosmetic surgery. The ‘Ivo Pitanguy Clinic’ which means ‘the king of plastic’ in Rio is the most visited and preferred clinic by healthcare professionals, broker, facilitators and past patients. As a matter of fact, Brazil is also known to have surgical enhancement operations done on the pets.


Most of the patients from US and Canada prefer to have their treatment in Mexico because it is equally good but the expenses incurred are significantly less. Mexico however is mainly known extensively for its outstanding dental services.


Many patients from developed countries prefer to get treated in Indian cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. Indian healthcare facilities also attract patients from its neighboring countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan as it has a better supply of modern equipments and better facilities. In the recent years, India has also become a hub for attracting patients from all over Central and Middle East Asia, Africa, Canada, America and Europe as it offers cost effective and competitive charges.

Republic of Moldova:

Republic of Moldova has earned a global reputation for providing high-quality facilities in medicine as well as surgery, organ transplants, oncology etc. For Europeans, Republic of Moldova presents a very attractive medical tourism destination center.


Thailand is most popular for its services in gender reassignment and cosmetic surgery. Patients from all over the world are attracted by this South East Asian country. The ‘Bumrungrad Hospital’ located in Bangkok has been dealing with foreign patients from past 20 years. The hospital provides its services for almost 55 specialties.

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