Finding a good doctor in a foreign country

Many people are opting nowadays to go to a foreign country where they can get equally good treatment but for a much less price range. However, as we know, awareness is an important part of living in this world. In order to avoid getting exploited, you must do a thorough research before actually going thousand miles away from your home or even before packing your bags.

You can find hospitals and other healthcare facilities catering to foreigners in almost every country. However, how do you find a reliable facility and more importantly, how do you know that the doctor you are appointed to, to whom you are trusting your life with, is a good and reliable one?

Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself from exploitation and there are plethora of ways to find a good doctor or dentist, in another country. While countries like Republic of Moldova have a very good reputation in the medical healthcare and tourism industry, it is best to take a few preventive steps before diving in their services. One of the best, tried and most successful way to do this is to search for the feedbacks from their previous customers or patients on the review sites as soon as you think that you have found a prospective hospital or clinic. However, you must also know which reviews to weigh and which ones to ignore. For instance, so many times, the review sites are filled with minor grievances counting towards bad reviews that make people think that particular site or facility is not good enough, when actually it is the opposite. There are cases when reviews are planted by the site owner and marketers themselves to increase their reputation. However, presence of a mix of some criticizing reviews and good reviews can indicate that the reviews and experiences are honest to be taken into account. City, state or country specific travel groups or expat groups are probably one of the best places to look for unbiased and unprejudiced reviews.

You can also check country specific social media pages like Facebook or Twitter where you can find many worthy suggestions from the residents of that country itself. Try to make connections with that country’s ‘local expat community’ or forums and scroll through the threads to get information on the specific topic. You can also start your own thread and ask for suggestions from the locals or people who have visited the place. These suggestions and recommendations can be very useful.

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