Decoding the myths about the medical tourism industry

Visiting another country for health care facilities can be really beneficial because you get the same good quality treatment but for very competitive and affordable price. For instance, you get just an appointment with doctor for $50 in countries like America or Canada whereas you can get much more, including treatment cost in countries like Mexico, Brazil or Republic of Moldova. Now, looking at the news you hear every now and then, most people have started believing some false facts about this industry. Although it is true that no industry comes without its flaws, it is equally important to know the difference between the truth and the myths.  

Let us take a look and decode the most commonly believed myths about medical tourism:

MYTH 1: Doctors practicing in the developed countries are better

If you have ever visited more than one doctor, you must be able to differentiate between a good and a ‘not so good’ doctor. The fact that no one is perfect and not all people are the same applies to the medical professionals as well. You can get one of the best medical care facilities in a developed country as well as in other countries. Higher prices or medical profits only do not contribute towards better service. You should concentrate on finding a doctor, who is pleasant to deal with and actually cares about his/ her patients.

MYTH 2: Foreign doctors lack training

This statement again can’t be more wrong because if you dig deeper, you will find that even most of the doctors in your own country are foreign-trained immigrants. Their training or education quality is not necessarily good or bad than those educated in your own country. A doctor may be schooled in US, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Reublic of Moldova, India or Thailand; his capabilities are individual and depend on how dedicated he is to his profession.

MYTH 3: Foreign equipments lack the necessary equipments.

You may probably not find luxurious lobbies in lesser developed countries but the western technology and necessary equipments are widely available in most of them. However, you must do your own research before going to a particular hospital in a country about the facilities available and their approach towards patients and treatment. You can get most of this information on their websites or by directly contacting them. You might even be surprised to find superior quality equipments and facilities in some countries better than back at your home country. Take Thailand or Republic of Moldova for instance, they not only offer relaxing environment in their lobbies and patient rooms but also offer pick up and emergency services in solace vans.

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