Budgeting your medical tourism trip

The total cost of your medical tourism trip depends on the destination and package you choose. Generally, your trip will cost more, if your destination is farther from your home country. The cost is directly proportional to the distance. Your trip cost can be largely affected by the particular destination more than the air fare. For instance, let us assume that a destination could be far from your own country, thus, it will cost require to pay more airfare, but is known  for its cheaper prices for overall stay and then there is another destination which is nearer to your home country but has higher living cost, the latter, will obviously cost you more money. So, you should take both the distance and location into account. A medical tourism facilitator can help you decide the most suitable package for you keeping all such important things in mind.

Another considerable point is your preferred lifestyle. Your trip cost will depend on whether you choose a local ‘bed and breakfast’ or a holiday inn or a five star hotel. However, before choosing your lodging place, it is advisable to check with your medical tourism facilitator whether it will be suitable for your treatment. For instance, a heart surgery patient will need extra care and much more comfortable conditions after the treatment than a patient, who has undergone a minor treatment. Thus, make sure that you choose a suitable stay, according to your specific treatment to avoid any last minute changes that are likely to cost you more money.

If you look closely, you will find that your medical tourism trip will cost you roughly equal to a normal trip. All you have to do is decide your budget for the air-fare, accommodation, transport and your meals. You can also choose to go sight-seeing, if your health allows you to but then again, make sure to take your escort, along with you.

Your budget will likely increase, if you use a medical tourism facilitator who will then shortlist packages, destinations, hospitals and aftercare facilities for you, most of which can are already included in the hospital service, although a medical tourism facilitator will also help you in obtaining passport, booking flights and coordinating your trip. Thus, medical tourism facilitators do add up to your total budget but also wok towards making your trip much easier and convenient.

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