It is understood that people look for medical care away from home for getting cheaper and effective medical care, without insurance. Does this mean people who have insurance do not need healthcare medical tourism? This question should be answered, based on the cost of the medical care. All health insurance policies do not cover every element of the health issues. First and foremost, you need to make a list of medical services, which is covered by an insurance policy.

Know these things about your insurance policy

According to the experts, most of the common services are not covered by most of the insurance policies, at least in the basic coverage are-

  1. 81% of the insurance companies exclude dental services
  2. 77% of the companies exclude hearing aids and related procedures
  3. Routine foot care is not found in 73% of the insurance policies
  4. Prenatal and postnatal care are not covered by 64% of the insurance companies
  5. Eye examination and basic care are not covered by almost 66% of the companies. 87% do not include children eye care.
  6. Only 10% of the companies include basic weight management programs and surgeries
  7. Acupuncture for pain management is overseen by almost 92% of the companies
  8. Private nursing, infertility program and cosmetic procedures are left out by more than 90% of the companies.

These are just a basic list of services, which are not covered by your basic insurance policy, no matter, the company you choose. Thus, having or not having insurance is not a basic requirement for considering the medical tourism option.

Cost factor

A lot of emphasis is made about the low medical care expenses in European and Asian countries. Receiving medical care without insurance in countries like USA, UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand is perfect way of becoming bankrupt. To avoid this, a lot of people opt for overseas medical services in many countries. From Moldova to Ukraine and from Brazil to Mexico, there are a lot of options for you to choose, which will help save thousands of dollars. The complicated procedures may tend to save you even more as the heart, lung and other life saving procedures are thousands of dollars cheaper in other countries, which have high quality and accreditation medical tourism.

Choosing the right country is a very important factor and also if possible, you can opt for insurance for medical tourism in which the company would take care of the cost of the medical procedure, medical coverage, medical evacuation, and travel assistance, to an extent.

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