Medical tourism broker vs medical tourism facilitator

A medical broker earns his commission by helping you, choose the best facility, doctor or hospital in another country. However, they do not have any experience in the healthcare profession and do not have much knowledge about the profession. On the other hand, ‘Medical Tourism Facilitator’ is an organization by people who have a background in the healthcare industry. They are a group of experienced doctors and surgeons who have an extensive experience in the healthcare services. They can also read reports and analyze them, which helps them make a better and well versed decision, while selecting the best doctor or healthcare facility for the patient.

The brokers advertise their services, suggest them a healthcare facility and then, receive commission for their services whereas the medical tourism facilitators also have agreements with many accredited hospitals. The main concern of this agreement is to mainly provide all the medical services with internationally acclaimed standards. They also go the extra mile to actually check for the experience and credentials of the physicians as well as surgeons and verify them. As a matter of fact, the whole hospital standards are checked thoroughly and verified.

The selection board of medical tourism facilitators takes the responsibility more seriously than the brokers. Whenever they receive a query for suggestion, they go through the patient’s medical report and then a meeting of experienced doctors and surgeons tied with the group takes place, who then come on a final conclusion picking up the best and most suitable treatment facility for that particular patient.

Once a facility is chosen, the medical tourism facilitators help the patients in obtaining visa and insurance. They also make arrangements for flights, accommodation and other needs while travelling and treatment. Most of the facilitators also arrange a health escort to accompany the patient. They also make arrangements which allow the patient to stay in touch with his or family. It is obvious that a patient will stay in the hospital itself during the treatment, but medical facilitators also make arrangement for pre and post operation accommodation.

Another benefit of choosing a medical tourism facilitators over brokers is that they also make arrangements for a much needed follow-up with a local as well as your overseas doctor or specialist to keep a tab on your progress. Whereas a broker’s responsibility ends with helping you choose a good doctor or hospital.

Moreover, the medical tourism facilitators work only with a few tested, internationally accredited and acclaimed doctors and healthcare facilities. They also provide you with a reference of that particular healthcare facility’s past patients to help you get an insight of the place, where you will be treated.

  1. Yamal Massis says:

    Hi, I have a robotic hair transplant clinic in Guatemala working with Artas Robot. I’m searching for a broker that help me get patients from the USA.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Best regards

    Yamal Massis

  2. I need patients for my medical tourism , please suggest me that how you can assist me in to find a patient’s for my business. Thank you waiting for the reply

    • Hi am from India am looking for the patients who would like to get treated in India am can assure u to provide best quality of service with most

    • Hi am from India am looking for the patients who would like to get treated in India am can assure u to provide best quality of service with most affordable cost from top hospitals of Delhi.. looking for the patients

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