Things you need to know about accreditation

Accreditation is a formal ‘voluntary’ process undertaken by institutions to ensure high quality, safe delivery and a promise to maintain the standards and basic procedures established by the professionals serving the health care industry. It is a proof of achievement of national health-care standard by a particular accredited organization.


No person would ever want to get his operation done by an unlicensed surgeon. Accreditation is in fact sometimes called licensing and acts as a reliable proof to the patient or the concerned party that the particular doctor, surgeon or institution has been evaluated for the basic health standards and that they are going in safe hands. Thus, accreditation simply means surety of standardized health-care practice all over the world, be it US, Malaysia, UK, Thailand, India, Singapore or any other country for that matter.


Accreditation supports safe care, quality and facilitates usage of the best science, technology, professionals, their knowledge and skills. It is a global step towards reducing risk related to health of people, all over the world. It is accreditation and a guarantee and proof of quality which has made medical tourism possible. It has proved to be an effective way to connect the medical and healthcare professionals and patients from all over the world, to take steps towards better and healthier world. It acts as an assurance for the patients that they would get high standards of quality and safety in the hospital or the healthcare facility that they have chosen. It is more like a proof or better yet, a solid guarantee that the services of a particular institution have been awarded considering their positive delivery of results.


You can easily check whether a hospital or a health care facility is accredited or not on their website. Most of the hospitals display this information on their main websites.


However, one thing to consider is that accreditation of hospital does not mean that the physicians practicing in it are also accredited. As a matter of fact, doctors are mostly licensed and not accredited by the local medical boards. Hospitals do not need to accredit every doctor individually, however. If you choose an accredited hospital the chances will be that the doctors practicing there will be properly licensed. Thus, choosing an accredited health care facility guarantees you that you will get the top notch quality service and care. The accreditation does play an important role in medical tourism.

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