Akromion, Special hospital for orthopedic surgery and traumatology, is the largest privately owned orthopedic hospital in the Republic of Croatia.

Covering some 2000 square meters of surface area spread over three floors, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the art medical technology.

A completely new operating block has three operating theaters and a recovery room while the hospital ward consists of 11 hospital rooms and suits equipped to a high standard with separate bathroom and toilette, as well as a TV and internet connection, which ensures maximum, hotel-like comfort for our patients.
The patients can choose between single and double room or suite.

The hospital is entirely computerized and connected with its outpatient clinics in Zagreb and Split.

There are no patients’ charts, paperwork and waiting lists in the classical sense.

There are no long waiting lists for surgery, the date of the intervention is scheduled right away during the consult at our outpatient clinic.

The state of the art medical equipment and integrated operating room technology enables doctors and hospital personnel complete real-time access to diagnostic images and patients’ medical data during surgery, allowing for immediate and forehand consultations.

The anesthesiology service at Akromion utilizes a multimodal approach to perioperative pain treatment based on regional anesthetic techniques performed under ultrasound guidance.

Continuous postoperative regional analgesia is also a standard after all major surgeries.

Combined these approaches provide a stress free and virtually painless perioperative experience and have earned Akromion the nickname “hospital without pain” among the patients.

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