With an international reputation for clinical excellence and ongoing investment in the latest treatment technology, GFNH is at the forefront of modern medicine and surgery in Turkey. Within the Group, there are 4 general hospitals, 2 medical centers, as well as Istanbul Bilim University which inhabits a medical faculty, a school of nursing and a vocational school of healthcare. The Group has maintained its reputation for excellence by combining expertise with the highest caliber of staff and healthcare innovation to ensure that each and every patient receives the best care possible. Aside of being JCI and TÜV accredited, GFNH was earlier this year awarded the British QHA accreditation.

Today GFNH accounts for 40,000 inpatient and 250,000 outpatient treatments, a 700 patient bed capacity, 122 ICU Beds, 36 Operating Rooms, 515 Doctors and 564 Nurses.

The hospital is active in every major area of medical specialization and fore leaders in the field of:

-Robotic Surgery
-Orthopedics and Spinal Surgery
-Pediatric and Adult Cardiovascular Surgery
-Interventional Cardiology
-Neurosurgery (Deep Brain Stimulation)
-Transplantation (Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Bone Marrow and Heart)
-Oncology (Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, PET-MR/PET-CT, Gammaknife)

Şişli Florence Nightingale Hospital is the only organ transplant center in the Middle East region licensed to operate in five different organ transplant areas. GFNH is one of the largest and most reputed hospital groups in Europe and the Middle East.



orthopedic surgeries


and more operations per year


and more liver transplants


and more kidney transplants