Mexico is probably the most attractive medical tourism destination for uninsured americans taking advantage of low cost medical and dental treatment. Mexico employs some of the most highly trained and experienced doctors and surgeons in the Western Hemisphere, being accredited and experienced they provide treatments in fields such as weight loss surgery, orthopedics, cancer treatments, cosmetic and plastic surgeries.

Hospitals / Clinics you can find in Mexico


The challenge of being more than a hospital started by creating a high level infrastructure with a multidisciplinary health system with resolute, homogeneous and accessible capacities.
Hospital Galenia was created in 1998 when a visionary group of Mexican Physicians and entrepreneurs formed a strategic partnership that came to life on March 20, 2006; today Galenia boasts a state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced medical technologies and a highly educated and well-accredited medical staff. Galenia treats more than 70 unique specialties. The hospital specializes in orthopedics, cardiovascular, oncology, cosmetics, stem cells treatments, Nuclear Medicine, and ER/ICU.
Hospital Galenia is the only Highly Specialized Hospital in Mexico holding the Certificate of Medical Attention Establishments granted by Accreditation Canada International (ACI), Joint Commission International (JCI), and the General Health Council of Mexico (CSG). These accreditations assure fulfillment of international standards for the Medical Tourism market.


With over 36 years of experience as a family clinic, our specialist staff and continuous education, innovation and research has placed us among the top dental clinics in México.

Bokanova Dental Center is the new alternative offering the most recent innovations in dentistry worldwide with the reliable experience of our internationally trained team.

All of our treatments are carried out with the highest quality materials and standardized protocols, to offer you only the best in diagnosis, hygiene, sterilization and dental treatments including CE, OSHA, ADA, and a profound commitment with ISO 9002:2008